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The Less Well Known Tale from Mahabharata: Nala and Damayanti

Tale from Mahabharata: Nala and Damayanti
Yudhishthira is not the only one who fell prey to gambling in Mahabharata. Nala, the King of Nishadha Kingdom also lost his entire wealth in gambling. Nala-Damayanti story is less well known story from Mahabharata which takes place before the Mahabhrata war. Nala is excel for his skill with horses and he also well known for culinary expertise (Nala Bheema paakam).
            The prince is a man among men and he always follows the Dharma in his kingdom. One day he heard about the beautiful daughter of King Bhima from a Swan who is travelling from earth to heaven to send message to gods about the Damayanti Swayamvar. Nala was bewitched with her beauty and wants to ask for her hand in marriage.
         Nala asked the swan to tell about him to Damayanti. The swan soon flew to Damayanti and tells her about the mightiness of the great prince Nala. She fell in love with him and want to marry only him. On the day of her Swayamvar, many god and kings enters the kingdom, Nala also enters the kingdom to win the Swayamvar.
            Gods are enchanted with Damayanti’s beauty and want to take her as wife. On the day of Swayamvar, Damayanti choose Nala as her husband. Both went to the kingdom of Nishadha and married. They were blessed with two children.
Nala the king of Nishadha
            After few years,  Nala neglecting his duties to his kingdom and at that time his brother take advantage of his weakness on gambling and tries to take his wife and Kingdom. His brother Kuvara challenged his brother to a game of dice in which Nala lost everything and Kurava became the King and banish him from Kingdom.
                        Nala and Damayanti went to forest and there Nala leaves his wife because he doesn’t want her precious wife to face hardships by following him. Damayanti found note from Nala asking her to return her kingdom. She met beasts in her journey which  threatened her to eat. Damaynati prayed to God Indra and he banished that demon and said she will meet her husband after 12years. Later she became maid servant to the queen of Achalpura.
 Kurava wants to banish his brother from the earth and send people to kill him. In an attempt to save a snake, the snake spilled poison on Nala and Nala turned disfigured. The snake said his new form will save him from his brother.
                        Meanwhile, the king Bhima found Damayanti in Achalpura kingdom and took her back to the kingdom.  The King Bhima sends his men to find Nala but they found none. Damayanti made a plan to find Nala and ask her father to arrange Swayamvar. She thought on hearing her marriage with another person her husband will come and rescue her. On the Day of her Swayamvar she saw a dark servant and she immediately recognize him. The Nala who is the form of a dark servant answered the questions to her puzzles. Nala regain his older form by wearing the ornament given by his father. Damayanti put the garland around Nala’s neck. They were united after 12 year period.  Later Nala challenged his brother for a game of dice and defeat him in that game. Nala and Damayanti returned to their kingdom and lived happily with their two children.
Nala-Damayanti Folk Tale
                        Damayanti rejects the immortality by choosing the mortal King Nala among gods and face hardships in the forest, threatened by demons and works as a queen maid to reach her love of her life. By losing all his wealth to his brother, he feels guilty for his situation and his wife. He turned in to a dark dwarf and worked as a horse trainer and cook in other kingdom. He also wrote a book on culinary.  After all these hurdles they united because of their love and belief on each other.

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Dashavatara: Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu on Earth


Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara are the three gods of India who is responsible for creation, maintenance and destruction of life. These three are called Trimurti of Hinduism.  Brahma, the creator of Universe also known as Svayambhu, he has four faces and the creator of four Vedas, one from each of his mouths. Lord Vishnu is one of the mighty gods among trinity. All the sins you do and the offers you give to poor, etc., you do from birth to death will be measured by Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva is the Supreme Being who creates, protects and transforms the universe.
Dashavatara are the ten forms of Lord Vishnu (god vishnu 10 avatars) who come to earth to protect living beings and humans from evil. Lord Vishnu said to descend in these 10 forms to restore cosmic order. In his every incarnation, he gives the lesson that right, honesty and truth always wins against wrong doings and evil. Take a look at tales of 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu on Earth

The 10 forms of Lord Vishnu are


Matsya Avatar

Matsya, is also known as Malsya, which is in the form of a fish. It is one of the avatar of Lord Vishnu. The mighty god comes to earth to save the world in the form of fish. Like we are having days and night, Lord Brahma also has kalpam. After the completion of the kalpam, Lord brahma take rest. After some kalpams someone will come in the place of Brahma. At the end of one kalpam, the tired god take a loud yawn at that time the Vedas are fell from his mouth. Hayagriva stole that Vedas and hid inside the sea. Lord Vishnu realise the theft of Hayagriva and to protect the living being from the coming apocalypse. Then Vishu take the form of fish (matsya avatar). Satyavrathudu (Sage) is doing penance, he is the person to take over the Brahma’s place. When the sage went to river to take his prayer, there he found one tiny fish in his hands.
Satyavrathudu is staring at the fish and take the fish in this kamandal, soon the place is the kamandal is not enough for the fish, and then he kept the fish in big bowl and the fish grown bigger than the bowl. Later, the sage leave in lake and then in river and the fish grown bigger than river and the sage leave the fish in sea, the fish turn into a gigantic fish. Then the sage realise that fish is lord vishu who come to save the world. the fish tell the sage that the apocalypse is near and it will happen within 7 days, to create the another world you have to collect the couple of every living being and then after 7 days I send a ship to you. The fish later went to Hayagriva and kill him to protect the Vedas. After seven days the dissolution is starting, the sage collects the couple of every living being and waiting for ship. The ship arrives at that time, the sage along with living being travelling in that fish, due to the hectic waves the ship is shaking along with the waves. The gigantic fish come at the time and ask sage to tie the fish to his horn, the sage as the fish says. The fish carries the ship to shore and then the new world is created and the sage became the new Brahma.


Kurma Avatar

Kurma, the god takes the form of Tortoise to save the earth. It is the second avatar of Vishnu. Kurma appears at the time of evil taking the lead among good. Sage Durvasa irritated with the simple thing, he is famous with his angry. The sage had cursed the Devas (Gods) to lose their mortality and wealth. Soon after the asuras (the evil) take over the Indras throne and kill most of the devas. The gods went to Vishnu for help, the Vishnu tell gods that Amrit is the only solution for this problem and suggest gods to make an agreement with the asuras to churn the cosmic ocean of milk. So gods do the same and ask asuras to churn the milk ocean. While churning the ocean of milk the mountain which is used as cosmic churning stick is sinking in the ocean. All the gods come to Vishnu for solution, then the god take the avatar of Kurma (the tortoise) to support as the foundation for mount Mandara (cosmic churning stick). Together gods and asuras churn the ocean with the serpent Vasuki as the rope. Lord Shiva drinks the poison and holds it in his throat. Later the Amrit skims from the ocean. After a heavy drama with asuras, the gods drink the amrit.


Varaha Avatar

Varaha is the third incarnation of Vishnu. In this avatar the god appear in the form of a boar. After the apocalypse of the earth, the lord Brahma decided to re-create the world. Because of the end of the world, the earth drowned in one ocean. Lord Brahma creates Anuhu and Satharupa to start the creation, both went to create the world but they found there is no perfect place to create the living because the earth is drowned in one ocean. At that time one boar appear and immediately transferred in one gigantic boar. The Varaha went to bring the earth from the ocean and it carries the earth with its tusk. At that time there is aasura called Hiranyaksha who want to stop the creation of the world, so he tries to stop the Varaha to take the earth from the ocean. Varaha put the earth in one safe place and return to kill that asura. After a hectic battle with asura for 1,000 years, varaha kill that asura.


Narasimha Avatar

Narasimha, is the half-man and half-lion form from the Satya Yuga. There is a asura called Hiranyakashipu, the elder brother of Hiranyaksha, who was killed by Varaha. Hiranyakashipu has the boon from Brahma that man or animal, inside or out, day or night, on earth or the star, with a weapon either living or inanimate can’t kill him. The asura want to take revenge for his brother(Hiranyaksha) death and want to defeat lord vishu. But things are not in his hands, his own son (prahalada) is the great devotee of lord Vishnu. The asura even try to kill his own flesh because he praises the Vishu instead of him. Lord Vishu takes the Narasimha avatar, which is not man or animal to kill rakshasa. Narasimha then disembowels the asura at the courtyard threshold of his house, at dusk with his claws, while he lay on his thighs (which are neither the earth not the sky).


Vamana Avatar

Vamana is the fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu, he is in the form of dwarf. It is from Treta Yuga. In this tale, the fourth descendant of Hiranyakashyap, Bali in the frame. The Gods are jealous of Bali’s penance and devotion and fear that one day he will take over the Indra’s throne. God went to lord Vishnu and ask for help, then Vishnu take the avatar of Vamana (a dwarf) and went to Bali. While Bali is doing yajna, the Vamana appears infront of him and ask for three paces of land. The King agreed for three paces of land. Soon after the Vamana turn into a giant and take whole earth as his first stride and take whole sky as his second stride. Vamana then look at Bali and ask where to keep his third foot. Bali realise that lord Vishnu come to his kingdom and ask for three paces of land, he then immediately agreed to offered his head as the third place for Vamana to place his foot. Vamana then place his foot at Bali’s head and granted Bali immortality. Due to his good behaviour, Vamana made him the ruler of Pathala.


Parashurama Avatar

Parashurama, the warrior with the axe. He is the sixth avatar of Vishnu. Like other avatars of Vishnu he comes to earth to kill the evil. Parashurama is born to sage Jamadagni and Renuka, they have a celestial cow called Surabhi who produced what they desire. One day a king named Arjuna Kartavirya comes to Jamadagni’s house with his warriors, the couple feeds the thousands of warriors with a great feast. The king wonders about the wealth of the sage who is just living in the hut. He then found out about Surabhi, the holy cow and asks Jamadagni to give it to him, but he refuses. The King takes the Surabhi with force and kills Jamadagni and his wife who tries to stop him. When Parashurama aware of this news he then went to King and challenged him to battle. With his axe he kills all his challengers and then the King.


Rama Avatar

Everyone is aware of Rama Avatar. He is the King of Ayodhya, from Treta Yuga. Rama comes to earth to kill the evil power on earth. In this Avatar, lord Vishnu faces the asura called Ravana. Rama destroys the devils in the earth since his childhood even he turns a stone in a girl (Ahalya). Rama married to Sita, who is the incarnation of Goddesses Lakshmi. Rama along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana went to exile due to the unexpected changes in their life. There the devil Ravana abducted Sita. Rama takes the help of Hanuman and Vanara Sena to kill the demon. After the hectic fight with Ravana, Rama kills the demon and free Sita from him.
The God the take the human form to teach the world about the importance of relations in the earth and faces every problem that a human can face and made his life a good lesson to every human being. Even, Sita has the power to kill the Ravana, but she wait until his husband kills Ravana, this shows how she trust his husband and keep his respect. After the return of Sita, Rama ordered Sita to enter into fire (Agni pariksha) to prove her chastity before she is accepted by Rama. Sita undergo agni praiksha and proved her chastity.


Krishna Avatar

After Rama Avatar, Lord Vishnu takes the human form to protect the earth and to play a pivot role in the battle of the history, Mahabharat. Lord Krishna is the eight avatar of Vishnu to kill the asuras Kansa, Shishupal, etc. Krishna is born to Devaki and Vasudev of the Chandravanshi clan. One day akasha vani said the fortune to kansa that her sister Devaki’s son will kill him. Kansa kept her sister and her husband in prison and kill all the seven sons that they bore. Devaki kept her eight infant in secret and send her child to Gokul. Vasudev exchange the newborn Krishna to Nand’s house in Gokul. Krishna grow up in Gokul as Yashoda’s son and kill his uncle kansa and freed her parent from the prison.
Krishna’s part in Mahabharat: Without Krishna there is no Mahabharat. The war teaches us that good always wins against the wrong. Pandavas and Kauravas participate in the war to gain the control of Throne. Krishna helps Pandavas to win the battle but he never fight in the battle he only played as a Charioteer of Arjuna. When Arjuna hesitated to take place in battle because he has to kill his own family members then Krishna teaches Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna during the war. Bhagavad Gita is the gift for us which contains the nature of life, ethics and morality.



Buddha, the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu and the founder of Buddhism. He is from Kali Yuga. But in this avatar, Vishnu didn’t come to kill the asuras but to enlighten the people. Buddhists traditionally do not accept the Buddha to be a one of Vishnu Avatar, but most of the Hindu’s consider Buddha as a one of Vishnu Avatars. Buddha is born in Nepal in 6th century B.C., as Siddhartha Gautama to a clan called Shakyas in Lumbini. After the birth of Buddha, a holy man prophesized great thing for young Siddhartha; he would either be a great king or he would be a great spiritual leader. To keep his son away from spirituality, the king raises the Siddhartha without knowing about the miseries of life.
In his late 20s he came outside the walls of palace to experience the outside world, there he witnesses the miseries of life. He encountered the old man, his charioteer explain that every person must grow old. In his journey he sees a diseased man, a decaying corpse and an ascetic. While seeing all these miseries Siddhartha decided to know the meaning of the life and leaves his home the next day, at age 29. For the next six year, Siddhartha lived an ascetic life. One day a young girl offer him a bowl of rice, he accepted it. After eating the rice he suddenly realise the meaning of the life and follow his spiritual ways. Many people still follows spiritual ways of Buddha.


Kalki Avatar

The Final incarnation of Vishnu, who is expected to appear at the end of kali Yuga. People believe he will come to earth to get rid of evil power, the world of oppression by unrighteous rulers. It is also aid that Lord Kali will come on white horse with a fiery sword to kill all the evil people on earth and protect the good people from evil.

Lord Vishnu takes 10 forms to protect us from the evils, asuras, demons and to create the better place for us. The god takes the human form and faces all problems to teach us the righteous things. When there is an evil taking control over good the god will take another avatar to protect us. Believe in God, he can’t break your trust and always be the first to save you.

Ashtabharya: The Main Wives of Lord Krishna & Their Stories

Krishna!! The name itself vanishes half of our sins. People from ages are trapped by the law of karma and found difficult to get out of the life cycle. To all the mankind, Lord Krishna gaves the Bhagavat Gita to free from all the karma which we are facing from our previous births. We all know about the Krishna’s eternal love on Radha and about his wives and gopikas.
In this article, I’m going to tell about the wives of Lord Krishna which we all know but not familiar with the story about their marriage. The wives of Krishna are called as Ashtabharya which means the group of the eight queen-consorts. We have collected the stories about Wives of Krishna from Bhagavata Purana and from Mahabharata. Ashtabharya includes: Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshmana.
Rukmini is the pricipal wife of Lord Krishna. She is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi who is the consort of Lord Vishnu (Krishna). For every avatar of Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi follows him to do her service to him. In the avatar of Krishna she takes the form of Rukmini, who is the princess of Vidarbha.
She fell in love with Krishna by listening his tales from people visited her kingdom and want to marry him. Rukmini’s brother Rukmi hates Krishna and arranged his sister marriage to his evil friend Shishupala. Rukmini wrote a letter to Krishna to abduct her at the Indrani temple on the day of Jyeshtha star. After she finished her rituals at the temple she saw the Krishna in the chariot outside the temple and Krishna soon swept her into his chariot with him.
eight principal wives of lord krishna
Shishupala and all of Jarasandha’s force started chasing them and try to block their way to their Kingdom Dwaraka. Krishna along with his brother Balarama fought with those warriors and won the battle. Later Krishna marries the Rukmini in Dwaraka with elders of the family.
Later Rukmini gives birth to mighty warrior Pradyumna and also Charudeshna, Sudesna, Charudeha, Sucharu, Charugupta, Bhadracharu, Charuchandra, Vicharu and Charu. Among all the sons of Krishna, Pradhyumna is the crown Prince.
Satyabhama is the second and most favourite queen of Krishna. Satyabhama is also believed as a avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. She was the daughter of Satrajit, the royal treasurer of Dwaraka. Satrajit also the owner of the precious jewel Syamantaka Mani. When Satrajit’s brother went out for hunting he was killed by lion and that lion takes the syamantaka mani from him. Later Jambavan killed the lion and gave the jewel to his daughter Jambavati. 
Satrajit accused Krishna for killing his brother for the sake of Jewel. Krishna fought with the Jambavan and return the Syamantaka Mani to the Yadava King Satrajit. The King apologized the Krishna and offered his daughters to Krishna in marriage. Krishna accepted his offer and married to his daughter Satyabhama. She bore ten sons to Lord Krishna.
When Krishna was falsely accused by Satrajit by stealing his jewel Syamantaka mani, Krishna went on the forest and fought with the Jambavan who is the main character of Ramayan and return the jewel to the Satrajit. After the fight, Jambavan offer his daughter Jambavati to Krishna. She is the third queen of Krishna. She bore Samba and nine sons to Krishna. Some believed that the Samba is the destructor of the Dwaraka Kingdom.
Kalindi is the Yamuna river who is the twin sister of Yama, the god of death. One day Krishna and Arjuna saw a beautiful girl on the bank of Bank of Yamuna river. Krishna asked Arjuna to meet her to know who is she. Arjuna done as Krishna said, the girl said that she is the daughter of Surya, the Sun god and she is living in a house constructed by her father and explained about her love on Lord Krishna. Arjuna conveyed her message to Krishna. Krishna agreed to marry the beautiful damsel. Krishna and Kalindi later travel to Indraprastha and stayed there for few days and returned to Krishna’s capital Dwaraka and married each other. She had 10 sons headed by Shruta.
kalindi krishna
Mitravinda is the queen consort of Krishna who is the daughter of King Jayasena. She has two brothers Vinda and Anuvinda who were the comrades of Duryodhana. They oppose her marriage to Krishna, since he had allied with the Pandavas. Her brother wants her to marry Duryodhana. On her Svayamvara she chooses Krishna as her husband. Krishna was challenged by her brothers and other prices who wanted to marry her. Krishna defeated all the princes and abducted Mitravinds and married her.
mitravinda krishna's wife
Nagnajiti is the daughter of Nagnajit, the king of Kosala, whose capital was Ayodhya. She is also called as Satya. Krishna married her by defeating the seven ferocious bulls in combat. However, no price dared to take the challenge. The King was pleased with the outcome and happily gave his daughter hand in marriage with Krishna. She has 10 sons headed by Bhadravinda.
Bhadra is one of the Ashtabharya of Lord Krishna. She is the princess of Kekeya and the daughter of King Dhrishtaketu and the Krishna’s cousin. She married to Krishna by choosing him as her husband in the Swayamvara  ceremony, in which bride chooses a groom from assembled suitors.
nagnajiti Krishna's wife

Lakshmana is the eight principal queen consorts of Krishna. She is the princess of Madra Kingdom. Krishna won her on Swayamvara ceremony where famous persons like Jarasandha and Duryodhana miss the target. The famous archer Arjuna missed his aim at the target so that Krishna could win. She bore ten sons to Krishna headed by Gatravan. 
lakshmana krishna's wife

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Top 4 Chinese Legendary Love Stories

Chinese Love Stories

Niulang and Zhinu

This is one of the famous love stories in Chinese History that everyone still remembered the pure love of Niulang and Zhinu. It is a love story between weaver girl, who is the seventh daughter of Goddess and a Cowherd. One day the fairy Zhinu escaped from boring heaven to look for fun and came across a honest and kind cowherd Niulang. They soon fell in love and got married without the knowledge of the Goddess.
Niulang and Zhinu lived happily with their two children. But their happiness never last for long time, the goddess knows about their marriage and forced the fairy to return to heaven. Niulang was very upset that his wife had disappeared. Suddenly, the ox began to talk and explained the way to reach the heaven. The ox tells him to kill it and put on its hide, he would be able to go to heaven to find Zhinu. He killed the ox and put on the skin and travelled to heaven to find his wife along with his two sons. The Goddesses of heaven was furious and scratched a wide river in the sky to separate the Niulang and Zhinu, thus forming the Milky Way between Altair and Vega. Lot of magpies formed bridge for the couple to meet each other, the goddess also touched by their love and finally allowed them to meet for a single night, which is the seventh night of the Seventh moon, which became the today’s Double Seventh Day, the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Niulang and Zhinu

The Peacocks Fly to the Southeast

Peacocks fly to the Southeast is the tragedy love story written by Chinese poet Xie Lingyun. The story happened during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Liu Lanzhi is a poor girl married Jiao Zhongquing from official family. The couple loved each other and cherish the beautiful moments together. They are leading the happy life, but Liu was forced to leave her husband because of her mother-in-law. She left Jiao Zhongquing and went to her family. Her elders forced her to remarry, but she loves her husband. Liu has no choice but drowned herself in a lake. Jiao also hanged himself after hearing her death. The Peacock Fly to the Southeast resembles the people’s desire for love and free marriage in ancient China.

The Peacocks Fly to the Southeast chinese

The Butterfly lovers

The Butterfly Lovers happened in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. It is one of the famous novels in Chinese history. Zhu Yingtai is the girl disguise herself as a man to pursue her studies. During her trip she met Liang Shanbo, a scholar. Liang Shanbo didn’t know about her identity but soon they became friends and then sworn brothers. They studied together in Songshan Academy for next 3 years. Zhu failed to notice her identity but he fell in love with her. One day Zhu has to return home. In her way she hinted Liang about her love, but he did not understand her love confession.
Months later, Liang visits Zhu and he discovered that Zhu is actually a woman but he was too late, Zhu is already engaged to Ma Wencai, a man from rich family. After knowing this news, Liang is heartbroken and become ill and dies in office later as a country magistrate. On the day of her wedding, she went to Liang’s tomb there she prayed the heaven to open the tomb. The tomb opened as she hoped and she leaped into it immediately and the tomb closed. Later their spirits emerge in the form of a pair of butterflies and flew away together and never to be separated again.

butterfly lovers

Legend of White Snake

Legend of White Snake is one of the famous stories in Chinese History. This story has been presented in numerous Chinese operas, films and television series. It is the love story between a mortal and immortal white snake. One day one of the Eight immortals disguises himself as a man and selling tangyuan near the West lake in Hangzhou. Xu Xian buys that medicine without knowing that they are immortality pills. Xu Xian doesn’t feel hungry for three days and he later went to that man and ask him about this medicine, he laughs and carries Xu Xian to bridge and flip him upside down and Xu Xian vomit the tangyuan into the Lake. The White snake spirit in the late eats the pills and gains 500 years worth of magical powers.
Eighteen years later, the white snake and her sister transfer themselves into two young women called Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing. There they met Xu Xian. Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen fall in love and married and they opened a medical shop. One day, the terrapin spirit who transforms into a Buddhist monk called Fahai made a plan to break up their relationship. He approaches Xu Xian and tells him about his wife and made her drink the realgar wine. After Bai Suzhen drinks that wine she revealed her true identity. Xu Xian dies of shock. Bai Suzhen and his sister travel to Mount Emei to steal the magical herb to save Xu Xian. After coming back to life, Xu Xian accepts her with her true identity. Fahai imprisoned Xu Xian in Jinshan Temple. His wife and Xiaoqing fought with fahai to rescue him, but she failed to save her husband because she is already pregnant so her powers are limited.
Xu Xian manage to escape from the temple and reunited with her. Bai Suzhen gives birth to their son, Xu Mengjiao. Later Fahai defeats Suzhen and imprison her in Leifeng Pagoda. Twenty years later her son freed her from the prison and united her with her husband. 

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Karna: The Greatest Warrior of Mahabharata Life History


Mahabharat, one of the greatest and longest tales of Ancient India. It has been very much familiar to most of the Indians. The great epic is all about a war of brothers for the Throne of Hastinapura. The Mahabharata consists of several characters and each of them having their prominence and their own story. In this article, MythTales is bringing you some of the Interesting Facts of Karna.
Karna, the legendary Warrior, and the King Anga Rajya was one of the most prominent characters of Vyasa Mahabharata. He fought the war on behalf of Duryodhana and the Kauravas.

Before Birth Secret:

Karna is the incarnation of Shaniswara in the Dvapara/Dwapara Yuga. He is the son of Sun God and  Saranyu (Sanjna), the first wife of Surya. Sanjna abandoned Sun god by replacing herself with Chhaya (her own shadow). Once Shani behaves rudely by pulling his own younger brother from her mother's arm. This made Chhaya Devi angry, and she cursed Shani to be born as a human in the Dwapaar Yuga, and suffer for his karma. She also said that "you would be deserted by your human mother and separated from your siblings. They will hate you and never respect you unaware of your human identity".

interesting facts of karna

"You are so proud that you are the son of Powerful Sun God, You would face public disgrace, suffer misfortune throughout the life" She concluded. Getting cursed by his mother, he was born to Suryadeva and Kunti before marriage.
As per the curse, Karna was born to Kunti before marriage by the blessings of Surya Deva, the Sun god. He was born with Kavach & Kundals( armor and earrings).

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Being discarded by Kunti, Karna was brought by Radha and Adirath. The duo didn't have children and found Karna in a basket on the river basin. By his foster mother Radha, he got the name Raadheya.
Radha and Adirath named the little Karna as Vasusena, but people always called him Radheya which later on became his nickname.
Karna, from his childhood, was very keen and interested in learning the art of war. He was never interested in being a charioteer. During his childhood, Karna was teased and insulted by the fellow students of Brahmins and Kshatriyas by calling him a Suta Putra.

Dronacharya's Refusal

Karna asked Drona to accept him as shishya(student) and mentor him. Drona on the grounds of lower Caste rejected Karna's plea. He then went to Bhagavan Parasuram, disguised himself as Brahmin and learned all the mighty war skills from him. Although he learned the martial art skills and pleased his guru, he was severely cursed by Parashurama. When Parashurama sees his tolerance power after being bitten by an insect, he says that Karna cannot be a Brahmin as they do not possess such power to tolerate that much pain. Feeling offended that he was betrayed by karna. Parashurama cursed Karna that he would forget all the skills and knowledge he got from his guru.
Upon pleading of Karna, that he's not a kshatriya but a suta putra and his willing to learn martial arts made him to lie as Brahmin. After knowing the truth Lord Parashurama modified the bane that he would forget all the knowledge and the use of divyashtras at the time when he needed the most. After losing his anger, Parashurama blessed Karna with Bhargavastra and his bow Vijaya to Karna.

Karna Facts

During the display of martial skills by the prince of the Kuru dynasty, Guru Dronacharya declares Arjuna as the greatest archer of the world. Objecting Drona’s words Karna urged Drona for a dual with Arjuna or asked him to withdraw his words. All the elder people at the court including Bhishma, Kripacharya, and Dronacharya asks Karna about his parents and says that only a Kshatriya, Brahmin or a king can challenge a prince. People in the court including Pandavas insults Karna by calling him Suta Putra. Having faced the outrage, Karna began to walk back slowly but was stopped by eldest kaurva Duryodhana.

Duryodhana and Karna

Stating that a warrior would only be recognized by their strength and skills Prince Duryodhana made Karna as the king of Anga. Thus by giving him the status of a king to challenge Arjun for a fight. During the fight, Karna has given equal answers to Arjuna’s arrows proving that he was an equally great archer to Arjun in all aspects.
Pleased by Duryodhan’s gesture, Karna promised that he would be doing anything for Kauravas and rest of his life would be with Duryodhana only.
Duryodhana married Bhanumati with the help of Karna, he alone fought and defeated legendary kings and warriors which include Shishupala, Jarasandha, Bhishmaka, Vakra, Kapotaroman, Nila, Rukmi, Sringa, Asoka, Satadhanwan.

Karna’s Daan

He’s always a man of his word and Karna vowed that whoever asked him anything while he was offering prayer to sun god would not go empty handed. This great daana skills made him lost his kavach kundals to Indra. Even though his father the mighty sun god had earlier informed about the Indra’s plan of asking for his kundals, Karna happily gave away them to Indra saying that even the king of gods had shed his hands for donation.
Even before the war started, Krishna approaches Karna and tells him about his birth secret. Vasudev asks Karna to join with his brothers, the Pandavas and he would be the king of Hastinapura as he was the elder one. Krishna also said that it would also please Duryodhana to see him as the king.

Karna Daan

However, the king of Anga had politely rejected the advice of Krishna saying that he is indebted to Duryodhana and he is bounded to friendship than any other relation. Thus Karna gave much priority to his friend Duryodhana than his brothers owing to his word.
Even Duryodhana was doing adharma, but staying with him and going to war beside him was his dharma. Karna also said that he would sacrifice his life for Duryodhana but will never leave his side.

Giving daan to his mother who had discarded him

On Vasudev's advice, Pandava maatha Kunti went to Karna and asked to join the Pandava clan in the war. Karna politely rejected saying that his life was debited to the friendship and gratitude of Duryodhana. Kunti unpleased with Karina's decision asked him not to kill his own brothers. Being “Daan Veer Karna” said that he would only kill one pandava and that is Arjuna. Thus during the war even when he had opportunity to kill the other four Pandavas he gave them Jeevan daan.

Strict Practice of Dharma

  •          He always used to warn Duryodhana not to be on the side of adharma
  •         He intervened while the Kauravas planning to burn Pandavas alive during their axile from Kingdom
  •          He stopped Duryodhana from killing barbarika while he was in meditation
  •          Karna always abide the rules of war by not using the Divya Astra's second time (if he used the naagastra second time then Arjuna can't be saved from death by Krishna)
  •         Although Duryodhana wanted karna as the commander of the army, he standing on the dharma side requested his prince friend to offer it to the elders Bhishma and Dronacharya
  •          While using the naagastra, if he had aimed at Arjuna below head then Karna would have made Arjuna dead, but as it is not dharma to aim at warriors below head portion, he didn't do that.
  •    Though he had a chance to kill Arjuna on the 16th day following dharma spares his life because of the sunset.
On the 17th day of war after Kurukshetra witnessed a fierce battle between the world's best Archer (Arjuna)accompanied by Krishna and the world's greatest warrior (karna).
Krishna turned Arjuna's chariot and continued to flee from the war field. Karna follows Arjuna 's chariot. At a point of time due to the curse of a Brahmin, his chariot's wheel stuck on to the ground, and when Karna tries to lift it up, he was attacked by Arjuna.
Dejected Karna asked Arjuna to hold the battle for few minutes and follow rules of war. Influenced by Krishna Arjuna was no way listening to Karna.
Upon anger, karna prepared to use the Brahma Astra from the ground itself, but due to the curse of his guru, he forgots the mantras and other skills. In a pathetic situation, Arjuna kills Karna using the Anjalika Astra...

Karna Warrior

Karna knowingly sacrifices/donates his Life for the cause of Dharma
Generosity by Krishna (the gold Tooth as alms, which he cleans using an unused arrow ), and as his soul did not leave his body due to the goodwill generated by his charity, Krishna asked him for all his life's charities as a charity. He showed Karna his Vishwaroopam and told him to ask his final wishes. He also pledged to Karna that he would have his glory.
Karna made three wishes, and Krishna granted all of them and more:
1)"Madhusudan, cremate me in a the most barren place on Earth, one with no sin, one where my deeds, good and bad, will no longer affect the world."(Krishna cremated him on his palm.)
2)"Let those who seek knowledge be granted knowledge, with no barriers before knowledge seekers."
3)"Let me be known as a Suta-Putra, and let the world know me as Radheya not Kaunteya.{This too was granted, and he is known as Kuntiputra(born to Kunti) but not Kaunteya (child of Kunti).}

Top Greek Mythology stories

Top Greek Mythology stories

Like Hindu mythology, Greek mythology has vast history with full of drama, romance, greed, adventurous, etc. Greek Myth tells about the origin of the world, lives and adventures of gods, goddesses and mythological creatures.
If you are new to know about Greek Myth, then follow these top tales of Greek mythology. You will get to know about brave and powerful heros, beautiful heroins and dangerous villains of Greek Myth when you read these article.

Prometheus (thief of fire)

Prometheus (thief of fire)

Prometheus is the one who stole the fire from Zeus and gives it to mankind. If he hadn’t stolen the fire, we can’t imagine our life without fire. The story starts with two brothers named Prometheus (means Forethought) and his younger brother Epimetheus (means Afterthought). Prometheus is always thinking about future and making things ready for what might happen tomorrow, or next year or next hundred years time whereas, Epimetheus was always thinking about yesterday or last year or last hundred years ago. Both are Titans
One day Prometheus went out from Olympus, and there he meets people and helps them. He noticed that people are facing a problem because of not having a fire. People are shivering with the cold and dying starving and hunted by cruel beasts because of not having fire. He then asked Zeus to give fire to the mankind, but Zeus doesn’t want to share fire to the people. He rejects his proposal. Prometheus go against Zeus wish and stole fire. He carried the stalk with him from the top of the Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind. Zeus was very angry and ordered to chained the Prometheus to the side of a mountain, where his liver is eaten daily by an eagle. Years later, Hercules slays the eagle and frees the Prometheus.

Pandora’s jar

Pandora’s jar

Pandora, the first mortal woman who was created out of clay by the gods. After Prometheus stole fire from heaven, Zeus wants to take revenge from him by presenting Pandora to Prometheus’s brother Epimetheus. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create Pandora with beauty and cunning. So he uses water and earth to create her, the gods endowed her with many gifts, Aphrodite gave her beauty, Athena clothed her, Apollo gave her musical ability, and Hermes gave her speech. Zeus gave her to Epimetheus as a bride. On Pandora’s wedding, Zeus presents her a storage jar and said not to open that jar. But curious Pandora opened that jar and released the evil spirits trapped in that jar, only Elpis (Hope) is the only blessing released from Pandora’s Jar. The people had lived in the world without any worried before the jar was opened. The ancient Greek believed that the evil enter into the world through Pandora’s Jar.

Persephone and Hades

Persephone and Hades

This is the interesting myth tale you ever heard; it is a story between Hades( the god of the underworld), the brother of Zeus and Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter( goddess of nature). Hades fell in love with Persephone and wants to marry her. Zeus warned Hades that Demeter would never approve their marriage and never married her off to a sunless world. One day Persephone was picking flowers in the field of Nysa, Hades appeared in front of her and abducted her. Demeter rushed back to the garden and asked all as to the whereabouts of her daughter. Demeter searched for Persephone for full nine days and nights without eating, drinking, bathing and rest. She even threatened to destroy all of the humankind and to make earth barren forever if she did not find her daughter. On the tenth day, the goddess Hecate told Demeter about her daughter. Hades was kind to Persephone but missed her mother and the world above. Hades was the only person who treats her like an adult, and she was started to fall for him. One morning, Persephone went into the underworld’s garden there she took a pomegranate and ate six seeds of it. Hermes, the messenger of Gods, appeared before her and told her that Demeter had caused the earth to freeze and that no crops will grow.

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Persephone returned to her mother and tried to convince her that she is alright and Hades is very kind to her. But Demeter insisted her to return home or else mortals would die out of famine. Suddenly, Hades appeared in front of them and was holding the eaten pomegranate in his hand. Persephone must return with me she has eaten the fruit of the underworld, said Hades cooly. Zeus asked Persephone about how many seeds did she eat. She answered six. Zeus then said, since see ate the six seeds of the pomegranate, so she spends the six months of the each year in the underworld with her husband and six months with her mother.
So, every time she left her mother, Demeter mourned, and all vegetation died and the each time she returns the earth become fertile once again.

Odysseus and the Cyclops

Odysseus and the Cyclops

The tale of Odysseus and Cyclops is one of the well known Greek Mythology. This tale happens when Odysseus and his shipmates return from the Trojan war. The Cyclops Polyphemus was a giant with a single glaring eye in the middle of his forehead. When Odysseus and his shipmates enter the cave, and there they help themselves with the food and drinks and fall asleep, after the time the Cyclops returned to the cave and found Odysseus man in the cave. The Cyclops became enraged and took two men from the crowd and smashed their head against the rock and ate them.
Odysseus is not dared to do anything against Cyclops. The next morning the Cyclops grabbed the two men and ate them as breakfast. He then rolled the stone away and leaves his herd of sheep out and rolled the stone back to close the cave. When Cyclops returned in the evening, he opens the stone and led the sheep in and then rolled the stone to close the cave. Odysseus made a plan to free his men from Cyclops. Odysseus offers Cyclops some strong wine which he had brought with him. Polyphemus was never drunk before, drank his full and asks Odysseus his name, and then Odysseus says his name is “No Man.” Odysseus with all his strength pushed the red hot point into the eye of Polyphemus. Cyclops was now blind and shouting. The other Cyclops came running and asked him who does this to him; he replies no man and other Cyclops returned their home.
Next morning, Odysseus tied their men to the belly of each of giant sheep. When Polyphemus led the sheep out of the cave, the Odysseus and his men who tied to sheep belly were out from the cave. Odysseus and his man ran back to their ship and pushed out to sea. Odysseus called out to Polyphemus and telling him that he is not "No man" he is Odysseus.

Apollo and Daphne

Apollo and Daphne

Apollo is one of the most powerful and handsome gods of Greek mythology. The story started when Apollo mocked the god of love, Eros (Cupid). Apollo had just won Python that was living in the area of Delphi, he got so arrogant with his victory and teased Eros who was using bows to struck people into love. The insulted Eros wants to take revenge from Apollo; he then prepared two arrows, one is of gold, and another is of lead. Gold arrow makes people fall in love whereas lead does the opposite.
Eros (Cupid) shoot the golden arrow of love on Apollo and lead arrow on Daphne. Apollo fall in love with beautiful Daphne but unfortunately she didn’t feel the same as Apollo.
Daphne always wants to be a virgin, and the thought of loving someone is totally gross to her. She requested her father, Peneus ( a river god), that she wants to stay as virgin like goddess Artemis (Apollo’s twin sister). Her father tells her that she owes him grandchildren, but because of her begging, he agrees to his daughter request. Apollo is head over heels in love with Daphne and chases her all around the woods and trying to convince her of how awesome he is, but Daphne was keep on running. When Apollo catches up with the Daphne, she called out for her father to help her. Peneus then turn his daughter into a tree. Apollo’s Lovelady becomes a laurel tree. Apollo declares that he will never forget Daphne and make laurel his sacred tree. It is said that Daphne was the first love of Apollo.

Pygmalion and Galatea

Pygmalion and Galatea

Pygmalion and Galatea is one of the famous and well known Greek Mythology. Pygmalion is a talented Greek sculptor. He lost all his interest in women because of some local prostitutes, and he decided to work on creating a beautiful statue of women Galatea out of ivory. The masterpiece of his life was this statue of women, who is more beautiful than any women. After he had finished the statue, he fell deeply in love with that statue. He brings gifts to that statue, fine clothing and put rings on her fingers, necklaces and even earrings. This passionate love is noticed by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. She took pity on a young couple, and when Pygmalion visited the temple to sacrifice the bull, the goddess gave him a sign. As the offering burned on the temple, the flames shot up one, two, three times.
When Pygmalion went home, he ran to his statue and embraced it. When he touched her, he feels something strange like he is touching the real person. His mind oscillated between joy and doubt. He then realizes, the goddess Aphrodite had given life to the statue, he names the statue as Galatea. He thanked the goddess. Soon both were wed, and they are blessed with a son named Paphos, from whom the city of Paphos in Cyprus, received its name.

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6 Similarities between Greek and Hindu Mythology

6 Similarities between Greek and Hindu Mythology

If you love Greek Mythology, you will definitely love Indian Mythology. Both have the similar essence in romantic tales, legendary Heros, Gods and Goddesses. The lust of gods is same in Greek and Hindu mythology. The wars are done because of women, the messenger of gods and the Trinity are same in both the myths. Let’s take a look at the similarities between the Indian and Greek Mythology.

The Trinity (three main gods)

The Trinity (three main gods)

In Hindu mythology, there are three gods who is responsible for beginning, maintenance and end of lives. They are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma who creates the lives of mankind and Vishnu calculate the sins and virtues of the people and Lord Shiva is the destructor, who ends the lives.
Like Hindu myth, Greek also has holy trinity; they are Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Zeus rules the heaven, Hades rules the underworlds and the Poseidon is the lord of seas. These three are the most powerful gods in all of Olympus.

Messenger of Gods (Hermes and Narada)

Hermes and Narada

Hermes acts as a messenger like Narada in Hindu Mythology. Hermes was the second youngest Olympian God and son of Zeus and Maia and served as a messenger of the gods. He move freely between the world of the mortals and the divine and was the conductor of souls into the afterlife.
Narada played very pivot role in many Indian mythology tales like Mahabharata, Ramayana as well as in many Puranas.  He acts as a travelling musician and storyteller and carries news to gods, mortals and demons.

God of Love

cupid and kama

Cupid is the god of desire and made people fell in love with each other with his arrows. Like Cupid in Greek mythology, Kama in Hindu Mythology does the same with his arrows. Kama(Manmatha) and Cupid arrows causes the people to be lovestruck.

Hades and Yama

Hades and Yama

Hades is one of the holy Trinity and the lord of underworld. He was often portrayed as rather than evil, cold and stern, unmoved by prayers and sacrifices. Hades ruled the dead and mainly focused on punishing the subjects equally accountable to his law.
Yama, is the god of death and the King of underworld. He is the son of sun-god Surya and Sandhya. Like Hades Yama is also gave punishments to the people based on their sins.

Icarus and Daedalus-- Jatayu and Sampati

Icarus and Daedalus-- Jatayu and Sampati

Jatayu and Sampati are the brothers in the shape of birds. One day the two demigods are decided to fly to the Sun god. Jatayu reaches close to the Sun that his wings were about to destroyed. Sampati spread his wings to protect his brother in that way he loses his wings and spend rest of his life without wings.
Icarus is the sons of the master craftsman Daedalus, the creator of labyrinth. Icarus along with his father was locked up in a tower. In order to escape from the tower, Daedalus created wings using feathers and wax. Daedalus warns his son to not go close to the Sun god Apollo, but the Icarus went so close to the Sun which results his wings fell off and he died. This tale is quite parallel to Jatayu and Sampati who go close to sun and end up losing the wings.

Athena and Kali

Athene and Kali

Athena and Kali were both born from the forehead of the other gods. The goddess Kali was born from the forehead of the Durga. When Goddess Durga responds with such anger that her face turns dark and the Kali appears out of her forehead.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, civilization, law and Justice, strategic warfare, strength, crafts and skill.  Athena sprang from Zeus forehead after he experienced an enormous headache. She leaped from Zeus’s head, fully grown and armed with a shout.

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The Unheard Wives of Arjuna and His Sons: Fifth Princess Refused to Marry Him

Arjuna and his wives

Arjuna, the son of Indra and the third of Pandava brothers is the best archer of the world in Mahabharata. People are familiar with his adventurous tales, but only few are aware of his wives and their romantic tales. Here in this page we provide the detail information about the Arjuna’s wives and his sons.

1. Draupadi


We all know about Arjuna’s first wife Draupadi. Arjuna won her in a test where all great kings and other Kaurava princes had failed. Arjuna with Draupadi returned to his place, Arjuna tells his mother that he brought fruit. Kunti (Pandavas mother) was preoccupied with thoughts and without looking back she said to share it with his brother. Holding his mother’s orders as a command, the five brothers married to Draupadi. The five brothers established a protocol in the presence of celestial Rishi. And the rule was, When Draupadi with one of the brothers, the other four would not interrupt their privacy, if they do, they must accept the punishment of twelve year of exile.

When Draupadi and Yudhishthira were playing the dice, Arjuna was forced to interrupt them by entering in their room because he left his Gandiva (bow of Arjuna) in their room. Arjuna accepted the punishment and set off on a twelve year Tirtha Yatra.

2. Ulupi


Ulupi, the daughter of Kouravya, the King of serpents was the second wife of Arjuna. When Arjuna on his exile for violating Draupadi and Yudhishthira privacy he goes to North-Eastern region, one day when Arjuna was taking bath in the Ganga river he was pulled inside the river. He later realise that was Ulupi who pulled him into the river.

They ended up in underwater kingdom, there Ulupi confess her feeling to Arjuna that she fall for him. Arjuna declines her proposal citing his celibacy on his pilgrimage. Later Ulupi convince him that the celibacy is limited only to Draupadi, not on any other woman. Convinced with her argument, Arjuna married her and bore her a son named Iravan, who later participated in Mahabharata war. Pleased by Arjuna, Ulupi grants him a boon that the animals live under the water will obey him and he will invincible under the water.

3. Chitrangadaa


Chitrangadaa is the third wife of Arjuna. She is the daughter of the King of Manipur. Arjuna fell in love with the warrior princess at first sight. Soon Arjuna asked her hand for marriage. Her father accepted this marriage but demurred a plea that according to the matrilineal customs of his kingdom, the children born to Chitrangadaa were heirs of Manipur. Arjuna accepted his request. Soon Chitrangadaa gave birth to Babruvahana. Arjuna leaves from the kingdom without taking his wife and child. After Arjuna left her, Ulupi visited Manipur and told Chitrangada all about herself and Arjuna. Chitrangada welcomes Uloopi and both of them lived as sisters. Uloopi loved her son as her son and encouraged him in archery and become a great archer like his father.

After the Mahabharata war, Yudhishthira decided to conduct the Aswamedha Yaga. In that process he leaves the horse to other kingdoms. The yaga horse enters the dominion of Manipur, their Arjuna’s son Babruvahana challenged Arjuna for battle. Babruvahana never know the identity of his father and his mother asked him to defeat Arjuna because she wants Arjuna to know that his son is efficient to defeat him in battle. But Babruvahana kills his father. Later his mother said that Arjuna is his father. However Arjuna’s snake-wife Uloopi brought his life back by using the magical maritasanjivani gem owned by the Nagas.

4. Subhadra


Arjuna in is journey of 12 years Tritha Yatra reached the Dwaraka. Dwaraka is the place where his cousin Krishna and his sibling resided. When Krishna knew about Arjuna’s visit to Dwaraka, he made a plan to arrange their meeting. Arjuna disguised as a Yati and meet Subhadra, he fell in love with her and decided to marry her. But Balarama, promises his favourite disciple Duryodhana that he married her sister to him. So, Krishna advised Arjuna to kidnap Subhadra. Later Balarama forgive that couple and the couple stayed in Dwaraka for a year and another year in Pushkar.

Draupadi ordered no other Pandava wife would be allowed in her city. To win the Draupadi heart Subhadra dressed as a milkmaid and visited Draupadi. Draupadi realized that she had been tricked, but she forgave Subhadra and welcomed her in Indraprastha. Draupadi allowed her to keep company with Arjuna in the four years when he was not with Draupadi. Years later Subhadra gave birth to Abhimanyu, who sacrificed his life Mahabharata war. Later his son Parikshit became the sole heir to the Pandava Empire.

5. Alli


According to the Tamil retellings of Mahabhrata, Arjuna married to Alli, who was the warrior princes. She is feminine and beautiful, but she loves and bonds only with women. While Arjuna’s journey to Madurai, there he hear about the mighty unmarried queen from a pearl merchant. The merchant warns Arjuna in proposing marriage to Alli. At the palace gates she has displayed a several male head and declared that anyone utter the world “marriage” their eyes will be plucked from sockets. Krishna advices Arjuna to forget about Alli, but Arjuna insisted to marry her. So, Krishna was decided to help Arjuna.

With the help of Krishna’s power, Arjuna takes the form of a huge serpent and is carried to Alli’s fort by the snake charmer, which is Krishna himself. Alli was charmed by the serpent and asked the snake charmer to leave the serpent with her for a night. Arjuna entered her bed chamber and beckoned her to sleep and rapes her while she sleeps and manages to impregnate her. Later, he enters in to the palace in the form of a woman and ties the marriage string around her neck and leaves for his hometown with Krishna. Later Alli gives birth to a son, who was taught to take revenge on his father.
Some says, Arjuna managed to spend a night in bed with her in the form of a snake and forced her to be his wife.

6. Arjuna marries Chitrangi

He married to Chitrangi, who is a Pandya princess

7. Arjuna marries Pokavati

Pokavati was the princess from underworld. When Pandavas need wealth to perform the expensive Rajsuya Yagya, Arjuna married her.