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Dashavatara: Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu on Earth


Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara are the three gods of India who is responsible for creation, maintenance and destruction of life. These three are called Trimurti of Hinduism.  Brahma, the creator of Universe also known as Svayambhu, he has four faces and the creator of four Vedas, one from each of his mouths. Lord Vishnu is one of the mighty gods among trinity. All the sins you do and the offers you give to poor, etc., you do from birth to death will be measured by Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva is the Supreme Being who creates, protects and transforms the universe.
Dashavatara are the ten forms of Lord Vishnu (god vishnu 10 avatars) who come to earth to protect living beings and humans from evil. Lord Vishnu said to descend in these 10 forms to restore cosmic order. In his every incarnation, he gives the lesson that right, honesty and truth always wins against wrong doings and evil. Take a look at tales of 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu on Earth

The 10 forms of Lord Vishnu are


Matsya Avatar

Matsya, is also known as Malsya, which is in the form of a fish. It is one of the avatar of Lord Vishnu. The mighty god comes to earth to save the world in the form of fish. Like we are having days and night, Lord Brahma also has kalpam. After the completion of the kalpam, Lord brahma take rest. After some kalpams someone will come in the place of Brahma. At the end of one kalpam, the tired god take a loud yawn at that time the Vedas are fell from his mouth. Hayagriva stole that Vedas and hid inside the sea. Lord Vishnu realise the theft of Hayagriva and to protect the living being from the coming apocalypse. Then Vishu take the form of fish (matsya avatar). Satyavrathudu (Sage) is doing penance, he is the person to take over the Brahma’s place. When the sage went to river to take his prayer, there he found one tiny fish in his hands.
Satyavrathudu is staring at the fish and take the fish in this kamandal, soon the place is the kamandal is not enough for the fish, and then he kept the fish in big bowl and the fish grown bigger than the bowl. Later, the sage leave in lake and then in river and the fish grown bigger than river and the sage leave the fish in sea, the fish turn into a gigantic fish. Then the sage realise that fish is lord vishu who come to save the world. the fish tell the sage that the apocalypse is near and it will happen within 7 days, to create the another world you have to collect the couple of every living being and then after 7 days I send a ship to you. The fish later went to Hayagriva and kill him to protect the Vedas. After seven days the dissolution is starting, the sage collects the couple of every living being and waiting for ship. The ship arrives at that time, the sage along with living being travelling in that fish, due to the hectic waves the ship is shaking along with the waves. The gigantic fish come at the time and ask sage to tie the fish to his horn, the sage as the fish says. The fish carries the ship to shore and then the new world is created and the sage became the new Brahma.


Kurma Avatar

Kurma, the god takes the form of Tortoise to save the earth. It is the second avatar of Vishnu. Kurma appears at the time of evil taking the lead among good. Sage Durvasa irritated with the simple thing, he is famous with his angry. The sage had cursed the Devas (Gods) to lose their mortality and wealth. Soon after the asuras (the evil) take over the Indras throne and kill most of the devas. The gods went to Vishnu for help, the Vishnu tell gods that Amrit is the only solution for this problem and suggest gods to make an agreement with the asuras to churn the cosmic ocean of milk. So gods do the same and ask asuras to churn the milk ocean. While churning the ocean of milk the mountain which is used as cosmic churning stick is sinking in the ocean. All the gods come to Vishnu for solution, then the god take the avatar of Kurma (the tortoise) to support as the foundation for mount Mandara (cosmic churning stick). Together gods and asuras churn the ocean with the serpent Vasuki as the rope. Lord Shiva drinks the poison and holds it in his throat. Later the Amrit skims from the ocean. After a heavy drama with asuras, the gods drink the amrit.


Varaha Avatar

Varaha is the third incarnation of Vishnu. In this avatar the god appear in the form of a boar. After the apocalypse of the earth, the lord Brahma decided to re-create the world. Because of the end of the world, the earth drowned in one ocean. Lord Brahma creates Anuhu and Satharupa to start the creation, both went to create the world but they found there is no perfect place to create the living because the earth is drowned in one ocean. At that time one boar appear and immediately transferred in one gigantic boar. The Varaha went to bring the earth from the ocean and it carries the earth with its tusk. At that time there is aasura called Hiranyaksha who want to stop the creation of the world, so he tries to stop the Varaha to take the earth from the ocean. Varaha put the earth in one safe place and return to kill that asura. After a hectic battle with asura for 1,000 years, varaha kill that asura.


Narasimha Avatar

Narasimha, is the half-man and half-lion form from the Satya Yuga. There is a asura called Hiranyakashipu, the elder brother of Hiranyaksha, who was killed by Varaha. Hiranyakashipu has the boon from Brahma that man or animal, inside or out, day or night, on earth or the star, with a weapon either living or inanimate can’t kill him. The asura want to take revenge for his brother(Hiranyaksha) death and want to defeat lord vishu. But things are not in his hands, his own son (prahalada) is the great devotee of lord Vishnu. The asura even try to kill his own flesh because he praises the Vishu instead of him. Lord Vishu takes the Narasimha avatar, which is not man or animal to kill rakshasa. Narasimha then disembowels the asura at the courtyard threshold of his house, at dusk with his claws, while he lay on his thighs (which are neither the earth not the sky).


Vamana Avatar

Vamana is the fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu, he is in the form of dwarf. It is from Treta Yuga. In this tale, the fourth descendant of Hiranyakashyap, Bali in the frame. The Gods are jealous of Bali’s penance and devotion and fear that one day he will take over the Indra’s throne. God went to lord Vishnu and ask for help, then Vishnu take the avatar of Vamana (a dwarf) and went to Bali. While Bali is doing yajna, the Vamana appears infront of him and ask for three paces of land. The King agreed for three paces of land. Soon after the Vamana turn into a giant and take whole earth as his first stride and take whole sky as his second stride. Vamana then look at Bali and ask where to keep his third foot. Bali realise that lord Vishnu come to his kingdom and ask for three paces of land, he then immediately agreed to offered his head as the third place for Vamana to place his foot. Vamana then place his foot at Bali’s head and granted Bali immortality. Due to his good behaviour, Vamana made him the ruler of Pathala.


Parashurama Avatar

Parashurama, the warrior with the axe. He is the sixth avatar of Vishnu. Like other avatars of Vishnu he comes to earth to kill the evil. Parashurama is born to sage Jamadagni and Renuka, they have a celestial cow called Surabhi who produced what they desire. One day a king named Arjuna Kartavirya comes to Jamadagni’s house with his warriors, the couple feeds the thousands of warriors with a great feast. The king wonders about the wealth of the sage who is just living in the hut. He then found out about Surabhi, the holy cow and asks Jamadagni to give it to him, but he refuses. The King takes the Surabhi with force and kills Jamadagni and his wife who tries to stop him. When Parashurama aware of this news he then went to King and challenged him to battle. With his axe he kills all his challengers and then the King.


Rama Avatar

Everyone is aware of Rama Avatar. He is the King of Ayodhya, from Treta Yuga. Rama comes to earth to kill the evil power on earth. In this Avatar, lord Vishnu faces the asura called Ravana. Rama destroys the devils in the earth since his childhood even he turns a stone in a girl (Ahalya). Rama married to Sita, who is the incarnation of Goddesses Lakshmi. Rama along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana went to exile due to the unexpected changes in their life. There the devil Ravana abducted Sita. Rama takes the help of Hanuman and Vanara Sena to kill the demon. After the hectic fight with Ravana, Rama kills the demon and free Sita from him.
The God the take the human form to teach the world about the importance of relations in the earth and faces every problem that a human can face and made his life a good lesson to every human being. Even, Sita has the power to kill the Ravana, but she wait until his husband kills Ravana, this shows how she trust his husband and keep his respect. After the return of Sita, Rama ordered Sita to enter into fire (Agni pariksha) to prove her chastity before she is accepted by Rama. Sita undergo agni praiksha and proved her chastity.


Krishna Avatar

After Rama Avatar, Lord Vishnu takes the human form to protect the earth and to play a pivot role in the battle of the history, Mahabharat. Lord Krishna is the eight avatar of Vishnu to kill the asuras Kansa, Shishupal, etc. Krishna is born to Devaki and Vasudev of the Chandravanshi clan. One day akasha vani said the fortune to kansa that her sister Devaki’s son will kill him. Kansa kept her sister and her husband in prison and kill all the seven sons that they bore. Devaki kept her eight infant in secret and send her child to Gokul. Vasudev exchange the newborn Krishna to Nand’s house in Gokul. Krishna grow up in Gokul as Yashoda’s son and kill his uncle kansa and freed her parent from the prison.
Krishna’s part in Mahabharat: Without Krishna there is no Mahabharat. The war teaches us that good always wins against the wrong. Pandavas and Kauravas participate in the war to gain the control of Throne. Krishna helps Pandavas to win the battle but he never fight in the battle he only played as a Charioteer of Arjuna. When Arjuna hesitated to take place in battle because he has to kill his own family members then Krishna teaches Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna during the war. Bhagavad Gita is the gift for us which contains the nature of life, ethics and morality.



Buddha, the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu and the founder of Buddhism. He is from Kali Yuga. But in this avatar, Vishnu didn’t come to kill the asuras but to enlighten the people. Buddhists traditionally do not accept the Buddha to be a one of Vishnu Avatar, but most of the Hindu’s consider Buddha as a one of Vishnu Avatars. Buddha is born in Nepal in 6th century B.C., as Siddhartha Gautama to a clan called Shakyas in Lumbini. After the birth of Buddha, a holy man prophesized great thing for young Siddhartha; he would either be a great king or he would be a great spiritual leader. To keep his son away from spirituality, the king raises the Siddhartha without knowing about the miseries of life.
In his late 20s he came outside the walls of palace to experience the outside world, there he witnesses the miseries of life. He encountered the old man, his charioteer explain that every person must grow old. In his journey he sees a diseased man, a decaying corpse and an ascetic. While seeing all these miseries Siddhartha decided to know the meaning of the life and leaves his home the next day, at age 29. For the next six year, Siddhartha lived an ascetic life. One day a young girl offer him a bowl of rice, he accepted it. After eating the rice he suddenly realise the meaning of the life and follow his spiritual ways. Many people still follows spiritual ways of Buddha.


Kalki Avatar

The Final incarnation of Vishnu, who is expected to appear at the end of kali Yuga. People believe he will come to earth to get rid of evil power, the world of oppression by unrighteous rulers. It is also aid that Lord Kali will come on white horse with a fiery sword to kill all the evil people on earth and protect the good people from evil.

Lord Vishnu takes 10 forms to protect us from the evils, asuras, demons and to create the better place for us. The god takes the human form and faces all problems to teach us the righteous things. When there is an evil taking control over good the god will take another avatar to protect us. Believe in God, he can’t break your trust and always be the first to save you.


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