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Karna: The Greatest Warrior of Mahabharata Life History


Mahabharat, one of the greatest and longest tales of Ancient India. It has been very much familiar to most of the Indians. The great epic is all about a war of brothers for the Throne of Hastinapura. The Mahabharata consists of several characters and each of them having their prominence and their own story. In this article, MythTales is bringing you some of the Interesting Facts of Karna.
Karna, the legendary Warrior, and the King Anga Rajya was one of the most prominent characters of Vyasa Mahabharata. He fought the war on behalf of Duryodhana and the Kauravas.

Before Birth Secret:

Karna is the incarnation of Shaniswara in the Dvapara/Dwapara Yuga. He is the son of Sun God and  Saranyu (Sanjna), the first wife of Surya. Sanjna abandoned Sun god by replacing herself with Chhaya (her own shadow). Once Shani behaves rudely by pulling his own younger brother from her mother's arm. This made Chhaya Devi angry, and she cursed Shani to be born as a human in the Dwapaar Yuga, and suffer for his karma. She also said that "you would be deserted by your human mother and separated from your siblings. They will hate you and never respect you unaware of your human identity".

interesting facts of karna

"You are so proud that you are the son of Powerful Sun God, You would face public disgrace, suffer misfortune throughout the life" She concluded. Getting cursed by his mother, he was born to Suryadeva and Kunti before marriage.
As per the curse, Karna was born to Kunti before marriage by the blessings of Surya Deva, the Sun god. He was born with Kavach & Kundals( armor and earrings).

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Being discarded by Kunti, Karna was brought by Radha and Adirath. The duo didn't have children and found Karna in a basket on the river basin. By his foster mother Radha, he got the name Raadheya.
Radha and Adirath named the little Karna as Vasusena, but people always called him Radheya which later on became his nickname.
Karna, from his childhood, was very keen and interested in learning the art of war. He was never interested in being a charioteer. During his childhood, Karna was teased and insulted by the fellow students of Brahmins and Kshatriyas by calling him a Suta Putra.

Dronacharya's Refusal

Karna asked Drona to accept him as shishya(student) and mentor him. Drona on the grounds of lower Caste rejected Karna's plea. He then went to Bhagavan Parasuram, disguised himself as Brahmin and learned all the mighty war skills from him. Although he learned the martial art skills and pleased his guru, he was severely cursed by Parashurama. When Parashurama sees his tolerance power after being bitten by an insect, he says that Karna cannot be a Brahmin as they do not possess such power to tolerate that much pain. Feeling offended that he was betrayed by karna. Parashurama cursed Karna that he would forget all the skills and knowledge he got from his guru.
Upon pleading of Karna, that he's not a kshatriya but a suta putra and his willing to learn martial arts made him to lie as Brahmin. After knowing the truth Lord Parashurama modified the bane that he would forget all the knowledge and the use of divyashtras at the time when he needed the most. After losing his anger, Parashurama blessed Karna with Bhargavastra and his bow Vijaya to Karna.

Karna Facts

During the display of martial skills by the prince of the Kuru dynasty, Guru Dronacharya declares Arjuna as the greatest archer of the world. Objecting Drona’s words Karna urged Drona for a dual with Arjuna or asked him to withdraw his words. All the elder people at the court including Bhishma, Kripacharya, and Dronacharya asks Karna about his parents and says that only a Kshatriya, Brahmin or a king can challenge a prince. People in the court including Pandavas insults Karna by calling him Suta Putra. Having faced the outrage, Karna began to walk back slowly but was stopped by eldest kaurva Duryodhana.

Duryodhana and Karna

Stating that a warrior would only be recognized by their strength and skills Prince Duryodhana made Karna as the king of Anga. Thus by giving him the status of a king to challenge Arjun for a fight. During the fight, Karna has given equal answers to Arjuna’s arrows proving that he was an equally great archer to Arjun in all aspects.
Pleased by Duryodhan’s gesture, Karna promised that he would be doing anything for Kauravas and rest of his life would be with Duryodhana only.
Duryodhana married Bhanumati with the help of Karna, he alone fought and defeated legendary kings and warriors which include Shishupala, Jarasandha, Bhishmaka, Vakra, Kapotaroman, Nila, Rukmi, Sringa, Asoka, Satadhanwan.

Karna’s Daan

He’s always a man of his word and Karna vowed that whoever asked him anything while he was offering prayer to sun god would not go empty handed. This great daana skills made him lost his kavach kundals to Indra. Even though his father the mighty sun god had earlier informed about the Indra’s plan of asking for his kundals, Karna happily gave away them to Indra saying that even the king of gods had shed his hands for donation.
Even before the war started, Krishna approaches Karna and tells him about his birth secret. Vasudev asks Karna to join with his brothers, the Pandavas and he would be the king of Hastinapura as he was the elder one. Krishna also said that it would also please Duryodhana to see him as the king.

Karna Daan

However, the king of Anga had politely rejected the advice of Krishna saying that he is indebted to Duryodhana and he is bounded to friendship than any other relation. Thus Karna gave much priority to his friend Duryodhana than his brothers owing to his word.
Even Duryodhana was doing adharma, but staying with him and going to war beside him was his dharma. Karna also said that he would sacrifice his life for Duryodhana but will never leave his side.

Giving daan to his mother who had discarded him

On Vasudev's advice, Pandava maatha Kunti went to Karna and asked to join the Pandava clan in the war. Karna politely rejected saying that his life was debited to the friendship and gratitude of Duryodhana. Kunti unpleased with Karina's decision asked him not to kill his own brothers. Being “Daan Veer Karna” said that he would only kill one pandava and that is Arjuna. Thus during the war even when he had opportunity to kill the other four Pandavas he gave them Jeevan daan.

Strict Practice of Dharma

  •          He always used to warn Duryodhana not to be on the side of adharma
  •         He intervened while the Kauravas planning to burn Pandavas alive during their axile from Kingdom
  •          He stopped Duryodhana from killing barbarika while he was in meditation
  •          Karna always abide the rules of war by not using the Divya Astra's second time (if he used the naagastra second time then Arjuna can't be saved from death by Krishna)
  •         Although Duryodhana wanted karna as the commander of the army, he standing on the dharma side requested his prince friend to offer it to the elders Bhishma and Dronacharya
  •          While using the naagastra, if he had aimed at Arjuna below head then Karna would have made Arjuna dead, but as it is not dharma to aim at warriors below head portion, he didn't do that.
  •    Though he had a chance to kill Arjuna on the 16th day following dharma spares his life because of the sunset.
On the 17th day of war after Kurukshetra witnessed a fierce battle between the world's best Archer (Arjuna)accompanied by Krishna and the world's greatest warrior (karna).
Krishna turned Arjuna's chariot and continued to flee from the war field. Karna follows Arjuna 's chariot. At a point of time due to the curse of a Brahmin, his chariot's wheel stuck on to the ground, and when Karna tries to lift it up, he was attacked by Arjuna.
Dejected Karna asked Arjuna to hold the battle for few minutes and follow rules of war. Influenced by Krishna Arjuna was no way listening to Karna.
Upon anger, karna prepared to use the Brahma Astra from the ground itself, but due to the curse of his guru, he forgots the mantras and other skills. In a pathetic situation, Arjuna kills Karna using the Anjalika Astra...

Karna Warrior

Karna knowingly sacrifices/donates his Life for the cause of Dharma
Generosity by Krishna (the gold Tooth as alms, which he cleans using an unused arrow ), and as his soul did not leave his body due to the goodwill generated by his charity, Krishna asked him for all his life's charities as a charity. He showed Karna his Vishwaroopam and told him to ask his final wishes. He also pledged to Karna that he would have his glory.
Karna made three wishes, and Krishna granted all of them and more:
1)"Madhusudan, cremate me in a the most barren place on Earth, one with no sin, one where my deeds, good and bad, will no longer affect the world."(Krishna cremated him on his palm.)
2)"Let those who seek knowledge be granted knowledge, with no barriers before knowledge seekers."
3)"Let me be known as a Suta-Putra, and let the world know me as Radheya not Kaunteya.{This too was granted, and he is known as Kuntiputra(born to Kunti) but not Kaunteya (child of Kunti).}

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