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The Unheard Wives of Arjuna and His Sons: Fifth Princess Refused to Marry Him

Arjuna and his wives

Arjuna, the son of Indra and the third of Pandava brothers is the best archer of the world in Mahabharata. People are familiar with his adventurous tales, but only few are aware of his wives and their romantic tales. Here in this page we provide the detail information about the Arjuna’s wives and his sons.

1. Draupadi


We all know about Arjuna’s first wife Draupadi. Arjuna won her in a test where all great kings and other Kaurava princes had failed. Arjuna with Draupadi returned to his place, Arjuna tells his mother that he brought fruit. Kunti (Pandavas mother) was preoccupied with thoughts and without looking back she said to share it with his brother. Holding his mother’s orders as a command, the five brothers married to Draupadi. The five brothers established a protocol in the presence of celestial Rishi. And the rule was, When Draupadi with one of the brothers, the other four would not interrupt their privacy, if they do, they must accept the punishment of twelve year of exile.

When Draupadi and Yudhishthira were playing the dice, Arjuna was forced to interrupt them by entering in their room because he left his Gandiva (bow of Arjuna) in their room. Arjuna accepted the punishment and set off on a twelve year Tirtha Yatra.

2. Ulupi


Ulupi, the daughter of Kouravya, the King of serpents was the second wife of Arjuna. When Arjuna on his exile for violating Draupadi and Yudhishthira privacy he goes to North-Eastern region, one day when Arjuna was taking bath in the Ganga river he was pulled inside the river. He later realise that was Ulupi who pulled him into the river.

They ended up in underwater kingdom, there Ulupi confess her feeling to Arjuna that she fall for him. Arjuna declines her proposal citing his celibacy on his pilgrimage. Later Ulupi convince him that the celibacy is limited only to Draupadi, not on any other woman. Convinced with her argument, Arjuna married her and bore her a son named Iravan, who later participated in Mahabharata war. Pleased by Arjuna, Ulupi grants him a boon that the animals live under the water will obey him and he will invincible under the water.

3. Chitrangadaa


Chitrangadaa is the third wife of Arjuna. She is the daughter of the King of Manipur. Arjuna fell in love with the warrior princess at first sight. Soon Arjuna asked her hand for marriage. Her father accepted this marriage but demurred a plea that according to the matrilineal customs of his kingdom, the children born to Chitrangadaa were heirs of Manipur. Arjuna accepted his request. Soon Chitrangadaa gave birth to Babruvahana. Arjuna leaves from the kingdom without taking his wife and child. After Arjuna left her, Ulupi visited Manipur and told Chitrangada all about herself and Arjuna. Chitrangada welcomes Uloopi and both of them lived as sisters. Uloopi loved her son as her son and encouraged him in archery and become a great archer like his father.

After the Mahabharata war, Yudhishthira decided to conduct the Aswamedha Yaga. In that process he leaves the horse to other kingdoms. The yaga horse enters the dominion of Manipur, their Arjuna’s son Babruvahana challenged Arjuna for battle. Babruvahana never know the identity of his father and his mother asked him to defeat Arjuna because she wants Arjuna to know that his son is efficient to defeat him in battle. But Babruvahana kills his father. Later his mother said that Arjuna is his father. However Arjuna’s snake-wife Uloopi brought his life back by using the magical maritasanjivani gem owned by the Nagas.

4. Subhadra


Arjuna in is journey of 12 years Tritha Yatra reached the Dwaraka. Dwaraka is the place where his cousin Krishna and his sibling resided. When Krishna knew about Arjuna’s visit to Dwaraka, he made a plan to arrange their meeting. Arjuna disguised as a Yati and meet Subhadra, he fell in love with her and decided to marry her. But Balarama, promises his favourite disciple Duryodhana that he married her sister to him. So, Krishna advised Arjuna to kidnap Subhadra. Later Balarama forgive that couple and the couple stayed in Dwaraka for a year and another year in Pushkar.

Draupadi ordered no other Pandava wife would be allowed in her city. To win the Draupadi heart Subhadra dressed as a milkmaid and visited Draupadi. Draupadi realized that she had been tricked, but she forgave Subhadra and welcomed her in Indraprastha. Draupadi allowed her to keep company with Arjuna in the four years when he was not with Draupadi. Years later Subhadra gave birth to Abhimanyu, who sacrificed his life Mahabharata war. Later his son Parikshit became the sole heir to the Pandava Empire.

5. Alli


According to the Tamil retellings of Mahabhrata, Arjuna married to Alli, who was the warrior princes. She is feminine and beautiful, but she loves and bonds only with women. While Arjuna’s journey to Madurai, there he hear about the mighty unmarried queen from a pearl merchant. The merchant warns Arjuna in proposing marriage to Alli. At the palace gates she has displayed a several male head and declared that anyone utter the world “marriage” their eyes will be plucked from sockets. Krishna advices Arjuna to forget about Alli, but Arjuna insisted to marry her. So, Krishna was decided to help Arjuna.

With the help of Krishna’s power, Arjuna takes the form of a huge serpent and is carried to Alli’s fort by the snake charmer, which is Krishna himself. Alli was charmed by the serpent and asked the snake charmer to leave the serpent with her for a night. Arjuna entered her bed chamber and beckoned her to sleep and rapes her while she sleeps and manages to impregnate her. Later, he enters in to the palace in the form of a woman and ties the marriage string around her neck and leaves for his hometown with Krishna. Later Alli gives birth to a son, who was taught to take revenge on his father.
Some says, Arjuna managed to spend a night in bed with her in the form of a snake and forced her to be his wife.

6. Arjuna marries Chitrangi

He married to Chitrangi, who is a Pandya princess

7. Arjuna marries Pokavati

Pokavati was the princess from underworld. When Pandavas need wealth to perform the expensive Rajsuya Yagya, Arjuna married her. 

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